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ECE Substitutes, Inc. was established in 2017 to provide dedicated and qualified substitutes, in the area of Early Education.
Having been in education 10+ years and early childhood 5+ years, we know the industry and set strict requirements for the safety of our staff, clients, and more importantly the children in your care.
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ECE Substitutes, Inc. is taking Covid-19 very seriously and is following CDC guidelines and ensuring the safety of our staff, providers, and the children we all provide care for during these challenging times.
ECE Substitutes, Inc. provides masks, sanitizing products, and gloves to all of our substitutes and work to ensure their safety as well. #WeAreAware
We also recognize the the tremendous need for substitutes and working diligently to support the field of education by providing a streamlined process to get substitutes fulfilling the need for teachers right away.